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My Thoughts on ARK 2, Will It Succeed?

I just watched a few vids on what various people’s thoughts are on ARK 2, which will be coming out sometime this year. I wanted to give my thoughts on this topic, since ARK is a big game for me, with almost 2400 hours in the game. Despite all of ARK’s issues and bugs, I still greatly enjoy playing the game, as it contains 2 things I enjoy: Dinosaurs & the Survival genre.

ARK 2 Thumbnail Graphic
ARK 2 Thumbnail Graphic – Click For Uncompressed Trailer

ARK 2 – Things I Hope To See

One thing that I am hoping they do with the sequel is to not release in Early Access. I would rather them wait until they have a stable build that they can release. That means it will more likely release closer to the end of this year. I would not be surprised if ARK 2 releases sometime during the holiday season. November would make the most sense to me, since Studio Wildcard does a big charity stream every November, so it would be the perfect opportunity to release their sequel to ARK Survival Evolved.

Another thing I really hope that we see in the sequel is not needing mods to fix core game issues. I hope they release to Steam with Workshop support like the first game. But I don’t want to run things like Super Structures, Stacks mods (not for the weight reduction, but for taking up fewer inventory slots), or modder-made dino balancing mods. The only things I’d want to use mods for are additional dinosaurs, new maps, and gear.

Wildcard, Please Avoid These Issues

Studio Wildcard is not likely to find this blog post anytime before the release of ARK 2, but I would hope that other readers would agree with me on the following points. ARK 2 should not be released as an Early Access game. A lot of people were unhappy for quite a long time with the buggy state of the game during its Early Access time. Please wait until the game is 1.0, ready for release with the fewest bugs you can possibly leave in the game, so the experience is as positive as possible.

We also would love it if Studio Wildcard optimized the game for consoles better than ARK 1 has done. Even 6 years later, the game still is laggy on consoles from what friends have told me (I don’t have a console to play ARK on). I will be writing about the sequel as we get more information released to the public (I’m not the kind of person to share leaked information).

ARK 2 Creature Design

Some of the sequel’s creature designs are nice, but we have really only seen 2 dinosaur species and what looks to be native creatures that are also humanoid. The T-Rex does look nice, in my opinion, has a mix of features and non-feathered design, since both sides have a fair bit of evidence.

ARK 2 - Tyrannosaurus Rex
ARK 2 Tyrannosaurus Rex – Shot From Trailer

Then there is the design for the Pteranodon. If that’s the default styling for the Pteranodon, it kind of looks like a butterfly to me. I’m not too sure if I care for the design of the Pteranodon in ARK 2. I feel like the design of the first game for the Pteranodon was just fine, and they could have just increased the texture quality of it.

ARK 2 - Pteranodon (Right Side)
ARK 2 – Pteranodon (Right Side)

What Will 2022 Give Us?

2022 is the year that both ARK 2, and the ARK Animated Series will be released. Based on the trailer for the animated series (below), I’m interested. The art style for the animated series looks nice from the one trailer we’ve seen for it so far. But we’ll have to see how the game runs.

Hopefully much better, since even on my 3070 ti at 1440p, the current game (ARK 1) can only just barely achieve 60-70 fps while recording or streaming, and 80ish while I’m not. That’s in normal areas of survival. Some areas like boss arenas, areas with lots of particles and explosions (like blowing up a base or demolishing a base), some areas still tank performance on my 3070ti/ryzen 7 5800x.

YouTube player

I am excited to see how the actual series comes when it releases. I do not know how it will compare to Genndy Tartakovsky’s Primal series. That series is pretty bloody and gory, so I am assuming the Animated Series for ARK will not be as bloody or gory.

They do have a log of famous names in the credits for voicing the show. These include Vin Diesel (duh), Russell Crowe, Karl Urban, Michelle Yeoh, Gerard Butler, and more. We will just have to see and hope that the show is directed and edited well, so it’s enjoyable. To be completely honest, I am likely to enjoy it myself no matter what, since I love dinosaurs as a whole.

We’ll Have To Wait ‘N See

Now we just have to wait and see when ARK 2 releases, I’m guessing November due to Studio Wildcard’s charity stream, but who knows, they could release it in the summer or early fall, for all we know. As for the animated show, it will likely be at least decent.

I will update this article as the need arises, but if it’s more than just a paragraph or note or so, I will likely just make a new article about it instead of adding on to this post. I hope you have a rawrsome day everyone. We will see you in the next stream, vid, or blog post! Don’t forget, we have a Discord & Guilded server you can hang out with us on!

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