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Stream Avatars – Workshop Description

This page is a more detailed description than the Steam Workshop page. If you want information on upcoming additions to the Dino Avatars workshop item, you’ve come to the right place! We will also be listing what is currently in the Workshop item so you can get as much information as you would ever want about our addition to the Stream Avatars product!

Stream Avatars Dinosaur Pack Thumbnail

Current Additions To Dino Avatars!

The entire Workshop is free for everyone to use!

In Progress Additions

Listed - To Be Added Later

Land Dinos

Semi/Water Dinos

Flying Reptiles

Dino Bosses

This is a list of upcoming bosses. We will not be adding any new bosses until the current order is done, which is 8 more avatars! Once those are complete, we can work on a few new bosses. I’m looking forward to having more than one dino boss (Acrocanthosaurus)!

The bosses are in order of most wanted to least wanted.

Suggest New Additions!

Feel free to suggest any kind of addition to the pack! This ranges from new dinosaur avatars to new bosses, to gear to equip on your dinos, to backgrounds, and more! If it’s doable, we’ll add it to the list to be eventually added in!

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