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Suchomimus, A Very Fast Swimmer

Quick Bio

The Suchomimius, commonly shortened to Sucho, was a very fast swimmer in the Early Cretaceous period. It very likely would out-swim the Spinosaurus (Late Cretaceous), if they ever came into contact. which is considered my favorite dinosaur.

Since the Sucho is a newer spinosaurid, we do not know as much about the Suchomimus compared to the Spinosaurus, or other dinosaurs that were discovered a longer period ago. We will update this post as more discoveries about the Suchomimus.

Quick Facts

Meaning: Crocodile Mimic
Group: Spinosaurid
Period: Early Cretaceous
Size: 9 – 11 M. (30-36 ft)
Weight: 2.5 – 5 Tons
Location: Niger, Africa

Suchomimus Design & Discovery

Suchomimus Drawing
(C) Wikimedia Commons CC 3.0

The Sucho was discovered in 1997 by American palaeontologist Paul Sereno, along with his team in Niger. It was originally discovered in the Elrhaz Formation. The first part of the fossil they found was a thumb claw. Unlike most theropods, it had a very narrow, more crocodilian-styled skull. It likely had about 120 teeth in its maw, pointed backwards.

Its size, compared to other Spinosaurids, was more of a medium sized Spinosaurid. As this graph below shows, it was in between an Irritator/Baryonyx/Icthyovenator, and the Spinosaurus. (Red outline is Suchomimus)

Suchomimus Diet & Life

The Sucho likely ate primarily fish (Piscivore). But it likely didn’t pass up other meat-based foods when given the opportunity. Its lifestyle most likely included living around riversystems so it had a constant source of food and water to live off of.

Suchomimus in Media

The Sucho can be found in multiple forms of media. Some movies (Jurassic World), video games (ARK Survival Evolved), and others. Unfortunately, there isn’t much known about specific details about the Suchomimus, so a lot of media just takes a guess on what it could do.


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