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2021 Was a Catastrophe – Why?

My my my, 2021 was a very fast, crazy year, right? It feels like it is still 2020, in my opinion. This year went by so quickly, that I feel like I didn’t make much progress at all. Hopefully 2022 will change that!

I have a lot of plans for this year. I want to hit 1k subs on our YouTube channel by middle of this year, and we recently hit 15k total channel views, which is pretty sweet as well! This year I will probably put more focus into YouTube, Streaming, and blogging will be the supplement to that, instead of a focus.

Hopefully 2022 will treat the Mesozoic Haven community much better this year, and this can be the year that we grow and grow! Now that we have a Path of Titans server, (ARK server temporarily on hold) and Minecraft Java server, we’re hoping to pull you guys into our community and to join our Pack!

2021 – Can We Forget It Please?

I want to forget that 2021 existed, it was that crazy of a year. 2020 was also pretty . . . bad as well, in my opinion. 2021 was the year of some dino media news, as well as the death of a lot of things as well. Actors, some games (essentially) died, and more.

If only the world would pay attention, and follow various government guidelines, we may have had COVID under more control at this point. Things won’t return to normal until COVID is more like the Flu than a pandemic.

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This Year’s Fave Games

This year, I did game a LOT. And I mean, a lot. Some of my most played games were Path of Titans, Monster Hunter (Rise, Stories 2), and ARK Survival (though our ARK server is backed up and temporarily shut down). If you enjoy these games, or anything dinosaur related, we highly recommend joining our Guilded or Discord servers! Guilded may be lesser known than Discord, but we feel it’s definately worth a look. It has more features than Discord, and all of them are free, no paywalls!

As for Path of Titans, it has pushed out a lot of updates this year, though one of their devs caught the virus at one point. Thankfully they survived and are better now! In my opinion, PoT is one of the best dinosaur games to come out of recent years. Sure . . . it’s had its controversy thanks to the Cryptocurrency situation, but I never got into Crypto myself really (besides just seeing what the hype is all about) so it did not effect me. I feel Path of Titans can overtake The Isle if they keep up the great work that they have been doing.

For my Monster Hunter sessions this year, it was mostly Rise on the Switch (though I’ve preordered and will be playing the Steam version, starting over once its out on Jan 12th!), and once Stories 2 came out, that was the other Monster Hunter game that I was playing a lot of. I haven’t really touched MH World at all this year.

ARK Survival was the least played “Dinosaur,” “Dragon,” or similar game that I played this year, mostly since we didn’t have a server until about a month ago. One of our community members, ThatsAsh is helping us run the ARK server, thanks Ash!

We may move to a dedicated server this or next month where we can run a Path of Titans server with more than 20 slots (maybe 100), as well as a smaller Minecraft server and ARK server in addition to it (something like 25 slots or so maybe, since ARK is older and harder to get a regular playerbase on).

Here’s To A More Positive 2022!

We can only hope that 2022 will turn out to be a much more positive, and successful year for everyone around the world. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts on what you’re hopeful for this coming year.

I am personally hoping that we can hit multiple goals with our community this year, including hitting the 1k subs on YouTube (like mentioned earlier); grow our community so we have more people to hang out with (on either Guilded or Discord); and many more positives I hope happen that are too long to list here!

Have a rawrsome day, to everyone in our Pack!

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