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Community Game Servers

We have, and will have a mix of Public and Private game servers for our community to play on! Some games make more sense to have them as private subscriber servers (like ARK Survival Evolved. Limited building space), and others are public (like Minecraft with an ‘infinite’ world). Here you can get more information on our various community game servers. Both current, and hopeful future servers!

Current Game Servers

Minecraft Realm

Minecraft Logo

Our Minecraft Java realm is Patreon & Paid sub only. If you join as a $2.50/mo sub on Patreon, or higher, you can join our Java realm!

Future Game Servers

Path of Titans

Path of Titans Logo

Our future planned Path of Titans server (hopefully within first couple days once they release the software) will be a public server for everyone in our community to enjoy!

We will have a ‘safe zone’ area where people can chill and hang out, both Herbivores & Carnivores together. You are not allowed to kill people in this zone, and if you are in active combat, you are not allowed to run into safe zone to prevent death. Finish the battle first. Rest of the map is wilds!

ARK Survival

Come on in, join our ARK server! The “official tribe,” Apex Predators is for paid channel subscribers only. You are free to create your own tribe or join someone else’s. Please only have 1 base per tribe. You can create small outposts, or share outposts with allies. But do your best to only have 1 base per tribe because of the limited building space.

Don’t build any permanent bases until we move to the Lost Island map on the 15th or so of December.

Minecraft Java

Minecraft Logo

Our future planned Java Minecraft server will run on Minecraft 1.18, once Spigot and anti-grief plugins are updated! This server will be public with anti-grief and anti-lag plugins to provide as smooth of an experience as possible for all!

We will likely start off with a limited area of a 25k block radius in a world-border to make a player-built city or two for people to work together on as a project!

We hope to have a ‘Jurassic Park inspired’ theme for the spawn city, at the very least. Other cities can be whatever the group of players want!

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