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Beasts of Bermuda Commands

This page lists all current commands for players and admins! Player commands are listed first as they’re the most common ones that will be used.

Player Commands

  • gamma <0-5> | Typing “gamma” by itself will reset to default gamma settings. We suggest using default gamma during the day, and maybe a boost to 3.5 or so at night so you can see better, but it doesn’t make everything look as washed out as 4 or 5.
  • stat FPS | Displays your FPS in game.

Administrator Commands

Our Admin commands will be listed by most common to lesser used common commands. We won’t be listing every single command here since there’s a lot. We will list the most common ones though. To see the full list, visit the wiki.

All admin commands are prefixed with a double slash // before the command.

Unfortunately the developers have decided to disallow growing other dinos, unlike Path of Titans or The Isle.

  • Announce (announce “message here”) | Allows you to broadcast a message to all players on the server
  • SetWeather <X> | Values allowed are: Fog Rain Cumulus SkyGreyness WindIntensity WindDirectionX WindDirectionY Lightning Surge
    • SetWeather 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 | Sets weather to normal
  • ResurrectPlayer 123 | Replace 123 with their ID.
  • SpawnCarcass | (SpawnCarcass 5000 5000 true; large gore) Spawns a carcase at your screen.
  • ClearAllBones | Clears all Bones
  • ResetAllFish | Resets fish to default
  • KillTornado | Kills currently active tornadoes.
  • EnterSpectate | Puts you in Spectator mode
  • LeaveSpectate | Takes you out of Spectator mode
  • KickPlayer (KickPlayer NameorID) | Allows you to kick a player for not following your rules.
  • TeleportAt X Y Z | Teleports player to specified coordinates.
  • TeleportToP (TeleportToP Name; TeleportToP 123) | Teleports you to a player.
  • TeleportToMe | Brings a player to you.
  • PossessEntity Species | Replace Species with the species name, or don’t enter it. If you provide a species, you’ll spawn and become the species. If you don’t provide a species, you’ll possess the creature your looking at. You cannot possess a player.
  • DestroyEntity | Destroys what’s in the middle of your screen. You cannot destroy a player.
  • FillAllStats
  • SetPlayerStats Health Stamina Ability Water Food Comfort (SetPlayerStats 0.9 0.5 <etc>) | 1 is full, 0 is none.
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