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Meet Apollo! Winter’s Legacy Stays Alive

Hello everyone! Come meet Apollo, Clearwater Marine Aquarium’s newest dolphin! He essentially lost his ability to hear, so echolocation doesn’t work for him to hunt. He’s become CMA’s newest resident rescue that can’t survive in the wild. Apollo should have another long lifespan, keeping Winter‘s legacy alive for even longer.

They just shared this lovely short 2 minute video about an hour ago from writing this post.

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Winter really touched my heart when I saw the Dolphin Tale movies, and now Apollo will continue to touch my heart for the next decade or so (hopefully). CMA gave Winter a longer than average lifespan of 16 years (most captive live 12 years or so). Here’s to hoping they can give Apollo a good, long lifespan as well.

If you loved to hear Winter’s story, and want to support Winter (and now Apollo’s) legacies, I would highly recommend checing out their support page, Ways To Help CMA. I’m sure the CMA team would love to get some support for the newest addition to their family. Too bad Winter and Apollo never got a chance to meet, I’m sure they would’ve loved each other.

This cute dolphin will inspire me for years to come. He deserves the same love and support that Winter recieved. They were/are both dolphins that have severe limitations that would prevent them from surviving in the wild, so I am glad that the Clearwater Marine Aquarium team was able to rescue another dolphin that keeps Winter’s legacy alive.

I will most likely be making more posts about Apollo over the years, so keep an eye out if you want to keep up to date on the goings-on at CMA, where he now resides in his forever home. It is unfortunate he will never be able to live in the wild with the rest of his pod, but his survival is just as important.

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